About “orange2fly”

We are a brand new Greek Airline Company based in Athens, Greece, that carries out worldwide operations in Wet Lease (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, Insurance) and Charter business and is responsible for providing services in accordance with customer-specific needs.

“orange2fly” was established in September 2015 and operates under a Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority Air Operator Certificate in accordance with the European Aviation Safety Agency Regulation (EASA).


Our Vision & Mission

We focus on providing a high quality, customized and competitive product through delivering top class punctuality, safety and customer service, approached with inspired innovation and focus on success. Our main purpose is to become a leading airline specialized in Wet Lease and Charter business by providing safe and reliable air travel at competitive prices and simultaneously create a unique flying / travel experience that will be widely recognised.

Our Experience

Right from the very first months of operation, our airline company had already concluded Wet Lease contracts with operators at various countries such as Germany, Spain, Austria, France, Belgium, Greece, Cyprus and North Africa.

Our Growth

Over the first five years of operation, “orange2fly” is expected to reach a critical mass of 4 Airbus A320 aircrafts. Incremental growth is projected in subsequent years with the addition of more aircrafts, strategic alliances or investments, and expansion in the surrounding geographies.

Our aim is to fill a niche section in the air travel and cargo market, ensuring high quality service and customer satisfaction.

Our Corporate Strategy

It sets out six strategy goals that “orange2fly” aims to achieve.

  • Establish and manage operations through contracts on the highest traffic potential
  • Focus on long-term contracts and charter series
  • Secure new contracts and develop new markets
  • Participate in strategic alliances and invest in other similar type operations in surrounding regions (Europe, Mediterranean Balkans Area included, North America)
  • Conduct Cost Management and lower capital expenditure
  • Obtain its own licences, certificates and approvals in order to perform all operations required

Our Values

We have six core values that govern our actions and ultimately define who we are, how we conduct business and what distinguishes us from our competitors.

We consider safety as fundamental driver of our business.

This is the only way to do business. We keep our commitments, building relationships based on trust.

You can definitely count on us! We have a “can do” attitude and we are ready to face any challenge.

We respect each other, so you can enjoy the utmost.

Our purpose is to inspire our staff and our clients.

We work free from prejudice. That is the major success factor in finding the best way to improve any given task.